At Gold Financial we value your trust in us to assist you in protecting your future.

Quality advice and service are our utmost aim, driven by our core values: Integrity, Care, Responsibility and Respect.

We have processes in place to ensure that our authorised representatives have a consistent approach to providing quality advice.

The Advice Process is a continuous cycle made up of 5 phases:


Phase 1:
Discovery Phase

The first and most important step in your financial journey is the discovery phase. It is important that we understand your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations, your concerns, everything that is close and dear to you. It is only then that we can build a strategy that will help you achieve your dreams, hopes, aspirations and manage the risks.


Phase 2:
Research and Strategy Building Phase

This is the part where we spend hours and even days considering all the information obtained in the discovery phase. Our sole purpose is to build a strategy and action plan to ensure that all your needs are addressed and all different options and outcomes carefully researched and considered.

We have preferred partners that we work with giving you access to top global and local fund managers and insurers, selecting the most suitable solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

All our authorised representatives are equipped with industry leading technology and research.


Phase 3:
Recommendation Phase

All recommendations will be made in writing. You will be provided with Statement of Advice or a Record of Advice. The Advice will consist of the strategy and the products recommended. There will be a range of disclosures in the documents that will detail everything from any conflicts to costs involved in implementing the advice.

The advice may be scoped and scaled to your instructions and priorities. You are always in complete control of the advice process.


Phase 4:
Implementation Phase

Once it is time to put the plans in motion. Our authorised representatives will be there every step of the way.


Phase 5:
Review Phase

All clients will be offered regular reviews. Time will be taken to carefully monitor your investment and protection plans to ensure that they are continually relevant to your goals and objectives. An important part of the review process is to consider all the information that we first obtained in the discovery phase to deal with any matters that may have arisen.